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Who exactly is ProCode X?
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Our Vision

We entered the Development industry with a few simple, yet powerful Goals!

Excellence in quality, this can be seen in the High Standards we set when developing, designing, securing and enhancing performance for our client’s projects.

Transparency, we aim to provide our client’s with all necessary information regarding each phase of their development project.

Efficiency, our automated project management system will keep our client’s up-to-date with all phases of their projects.

Assurance, we provide our client’s with the assurance that their project will be assigned the necessary resources to effectively complete the project.

Last but not least, NO BULLSHIT!



Re-defining EXCELLENCE!
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Website Development

Precisely Crafted

We believe in providing our client’s with websites that are in accordance with the latest trends in development, design and security, Our aim is to provide you with responsive and beautifully designed pages so your visitors have a quality user experience.


Custom WordPress Development

High Standard

Our expertise and experience in custom development and our makes us a preferred choice for custom theme, plugin and integration development for WordPress websites to provide various functions, automation and features.


CRM Development

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a software system that manages your relationships with customers. A CRM system isn’t just one solution. To effectively manage, analyze, and improve your customer relationships, you need a comprehensive set of solutions that supports every step in your customer’s journey.


Hosting Services

Powerful and Secure

Our Hosting services are managed and hosted within a secure and reliable data center providing a reliable hosting platform, Giving our client’s and their visitors a 99.9% Up-Time.


Mobile Application Development

Trusted and Reliable

Our Mobile app Development services, are developed with High Standard code and is built to comply with iOS & Android Guidelines and requirements.


Design Services

Beautified and Trending

Our Design services applies the latest trends when beautifying your design requirements, delivering our client’s with a beautifully crafted design perfectly suited to their target market .



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